Alimony /Change In Custody

by Tom
(New Jersey)

I was divorced in April 2004 in N.J. My ex and I had 50/50 custody and she was the custodial parent of our two children. I was ordered to pay (based on my salary back then) $210.00 a week in child support and $190.00 a week in alimony (alimony for 10 yrs). In 2005 my ex wife signed a notarized letter giving me primary custody and I went to court and had it documented. In our original divorce agreement she was given alimony based on her standard of living during our marriage, having the children with her, mind you, she based that on her income of $30,000 a year with a company she has been employed with for 25 years. I receive $159.00 in child support a week, but I have to send her $190.00 a week in alimony. My question is, I went to court to have alimony reduced or terminated based on this change of circumstance and I was denied, why? I am raising my son and daughter; their mother sees them maybe 6 times a year and never even offers to buy the children clothes or any necessities.


Real-Divorce Comments:
Dear Tom,
Thanks for giving so many details about your situation. First, it's good that you are looking into why this is happening to you. It sounds like it may be an issue of child support and alimony being completely separate monies, because they are used for different reasons. If you were divorced in 2004 and only have to pay alimony for 10 years, then you will be done paying alimony in 2014.

Of course, you should get free consults to verify this.

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