Abuse and Divorce

Abuse: If you are wondering if you are in an abusive relationship, you probably are! People use all types of power regularly--direct and straightforward manipulation tactics--males and females both. Some tactics are cruel, and used to gain power over others.

When you have been in a long term relationship with someone, it can be difficult to leave, especially if you or your children are being violated. You may think that it would be too complicated to leave, or you are worried about the repercussions that may arise if you are found leaving.

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If you are a female who is being physically, mentally, verbally, or sexually violated, you know you must get out of the relationship and stay safe. You may feel like you don't know what a stable relationship is, so it can be scary to make the decision to leave. Use this box to ask about the process--you'll get your questions answered by REAL live attorneys in your area.

There are always good resources to help you, such as laws that will protect you if you are a victim, where to get help or shelter if you need it, hotline information, and lots of resources and support. Visit my Resource Page for this information now.

I think I remember hearing how it takes a woman seven restraining orders against the offender--until she finally makes up her mind to actually leave and go through with it. If you think you flip-flop within your emotional roller coaster relationship, then please leave the situation, honor yourself and honor your children. You can find a very inexpensive way to file for divorce quickly, and in any state using RocketLawyer.com for your online divorce paperwork. Get a discount for being a Real-Divorce reader and use this link!

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It is so important that the children see a parent who is not willing to endure violence. What else will model non-violence to children? For more information about NVC, or Non-Violent Communication, visit www.nvc.org.

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What if You Suspect Sexual Abuse With Your Children?

Sexual abuse from a trusted family member or friend can be difficult to spot. My friend, Jannie, suggests that being a very alert parent is the best way to deflect a predator. Pay attention to what is going on! Your chances of finding out are much better when you are watching. Children may not come and tell adults because the pedofile makes them keep secrets.

What's worse is that sometimes the molester is the child's own mom or dad. A child molester often abuses his or her own children for years without getting caught. Learn how to spot a pedophile in your home.

Restraining Orders

This is such an important topic, that I have dedicated an entire page to it. For now, I'll only say that you can go to your local police to get the order. Using Restraining Orders when abuse is present.

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