3StepDivorce Review

In comparing even big name companies for an online divorce, this 3StepDivorce Review will help you to find out which companies come out on top!

Anyone who would like to have a low cost divorce or a pro se divorce would benefit from looking at all of the tools and resources offered by this company. They've been in business since 1997, and although they are smaller than RocketLawyer, Legalzoom, and US Legal Forms, they have a lot to offer.

Go to 3StepDivorce now to begin your divorce documents.

Here's why you would likely benefit with 3StepDivorce.com for your online divorce paperwork:

  • They have a BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of A-.

  • They offer a demo, showing you a sample of how your divorce documents will look. You can actually read the text and get an understanding of the legal language.

  • They offer divorce documents for EVERY state (better than Legalzoom).

  • They offer over 40 free ebooks with your purchase of the documents, which is a big savings to you.

  • I have personally spent a great deal of time working with the support team, and the president of the company speaks with me directly when I've called to ask questions. Amazing! There is free customer support.

  • Money back guarantee, free settlement agreement, free name change, and free wills are included in the price. These documents alone would cost a few hundred dollars.

  • This is the only company out there that will allow customers to pay in two installments.

Go to 3StepDivorce now to begin your divorce documents.

Issues I've found with 3StepDivorce.com:

  • Truthfully, I think the price is the same as Legalzoom, at $300/flat fee, but as I've had experience with the company, I am sure that the customer service and support is completely worth it. You are paying more than Rocketlawyer because there are some added benefits and documents (mentioned above).

  • You will be completing the online forms yourself, but the documents will be available immediately, so you will never have to wait for someone to do them for you.

Jennifer here, letting you know that you can ask any legal question online for free using Avvo. It's a great service that I am happy to recommend, and I don't even get paid for telling you this! You will see this box on EVERY page of the Real-Divorce site because that's how important it is!

Want to know a secret?

Once my readers make their decision to have an uncontested divorce, they come here and use the divorce form reviews.

After that, about 70% use 3StepDivorce.com, because they have the MOST value for the DIY divorce included in the price!

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