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You need divorce advice. Welcome to Real-Divorce.com. The good news is that: divorce is common. But, you are still an amazing and incredible individual. Do not allow one person's opinion of you to overtake your thoughts. This site is about how you can handle all of your concerns and take the divorce process back into your hands (where it belongs), instead of giving your power away.

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This milestone is a lot more than filing papers. It is a PROCESS. And that is what I will help you with--the reality of this difficult process. My divorce advice is better than most because I've done my own pro se divorce, and thrived because of it. I will explain the steps, and as you go through your separation and begin to file your divorce forms and legal paperwork, you will find a corresponding page on this website, such as online divorce reviews.

At Real-Divorce.com, you'll find important articles and definitions, but also comraderie in the forums. You'll learn how to use divorce lawyers and an online divorce to your advantage. You'll soon realize that since life handed you a bunch of lemons, maybe you should make lemonade.

How Do I File for
an Uncontested Divorce?

There are a variety of ways to file for divorce. Our state pages offer information on your particular state. Our divorce forums offer free divorce information on the topics that concern you most: alimony, child support, co-parenting, mediation, finances, and using your resources wisely.

But, as far as the paperwork goes, the honest truth is, anyone can file their paperwork pro se, and pay only the required court fees. This part about getting divorced doesn't have to be expensive! I will tell you up front that my bias is that paying a small amount of money to have access to good resources--such as legitimate and easy to use divorce forms, discounts for divorce lawyers should you need them, and mediation included in the paperwork package--I consider these a small price to pay for a great and useful service that will matter year after year once the divorce is final.

How My Divorce Advice Can Help

This divorce site is very different than most any I've ever read. I do not want to take advantage of you. I only hope that you'll find something useful, do your own research, and do what you think is best for your situation. My personal belief is that most parties should stop arguing and just get clear on dividing their property and time, so that they do not waste any more of their lives being miserable, unhappy, and broke. Better to try to have an amicable divorce than litigate in most cases (look it up if you don't believe me)! You'll feel more in control of the process, have more money, and since you didn't waste years or months of your life getting a typical divorce, you'll be a lot happier!

I am not an attorney, I am a real person with real experiences to share, or divorce support (so to speak), and you should always seek legal consult for your particular situation. I'll show you a few FREE ways to get legal advice and all kinds of free resources for your divorce.

I am providing this site because I was fed up with people trying to scam me and many people getting divorced. I have tried to create a site that I would have wanted to read when I was divorcing.

See our disclaimer on the sitemap.

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